A Re-Release, Coming Soon!

A Re-Release, Coming Soon!

Hey, all! So the second book in the Ashten Falls series is finally coming back to your favorite e-book retailers THIS SUMMER!

Oh, and did I mention it’ll be available in paperback, too?! It definitely will be, a couple weeks after the e-book release. Woohoo!!

While this book was released initially a couple years ago, I took it down and re-worked it the way I always wanted it to be. Sam is still growly as ever. Emma is strong and independent. She doesn’t need Sam. But she definitely wants him! 😉 These two were a lot of fun to write and the mystery will take a few turns that I hope surprise you!

Here’s the blurb:

Opening her heart….

Journalist Emma Donogue knows what she wants–to expose the truth and find justice for the victims, and their families, who suffered under the decade-long corruption in Ashten Falls. She doesn’t have time for the bad boy businessman with the killer smile, intent on distracting her with his body, and charming her with his heart of gold.

Could be just as risky as exposing a killer.

Sam knows from the moment he sees Emma that he wants the feisty reporter by his side, and in his bed. But while he’s trying to convince her to give him a shot, he, and the people he cares about, are threatened with violence and intimidation. It’s a sobering reminder to Sam that corruption still has its steely grip around the throat of Ashten Falls.

With gossip running rampant and a battle for the soul of the Falls raging, someone is desperate for the past to remain hidden. And they’ll stop at nothing to force Emma to end her quest for the truth, even if it means burying it, and her, at the bottom of the bay.

So, are you excited, or what? I know I am. 😀 (And I’m terrified, too but that’s because it’ll be out in the world for you to read! Yay! And EEEEK!)

While final proofing and formatting is being done, I’m sitting on a couple chapters that are ready for readers who want to get their first peek at Sam and Emma. If you want to be one of those readers sign up for my newsletter, HERE! Friendly reminder–I don’t send newsletters often, but when I do it’ll have book news, free stuff, ways to get ARCs of my books, release or cover news, and/or book sale info. I don’t want to spam anyone’s mailboxes so I just use my newsletter for sending the good stuff to readers!

So, sign up now and you’ll be finding those first couple of chapters in your in-box in a few weeks!


Does the book news stop there?

Heck, No!

I wrote the first book in a new series and that’ll be hitting revisions and edits in August. It’s called Whatever It Takes and is a mystery with of course, an HEA. Look for that by the end of the year. Cover reveal will be happening in the Fall.

Oh, and I have a freebie I’m working on for my VIPs and newsletter subscribers, too. Just another reason to sign up for the newsletter, so get thee to the sign up page, stat! 🙂

Last, the third book in the Ashten Falls series that focuses on Sarah and Tom, is almost ready for my first post-writing read-through. My tentative plan for that release is first quarter of 2020. And trust me, after what happens in Full Disclosure, you are so gonna want to see how everything shakes out, in the third Ashten Falls book.

I’ve got other ideas percolating and I’ll let you know by newsletter when things are up for pre-order, when I have excerpts, and free ARCs, to share. Thanks for your support, and your patience. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve released anything but trust me, that doesn’t mean the writing isn’t happening. Self-publishing is a huge undertaking and I want to give readers the best product possible. So thanks, again, talk soon, and happy reading!

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