Back In It: ROW80, Round 4

Back In It: ROW80, Round 4

[Two days late to posting this. Apparently it helps to hit “publish” when you schedule a post. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

*slinks back into ROW80* Hi. I’m back for another go-round of the challenge. Just in time for the end of year. :/

I had started off 2017 with such high hopes for my goals. And then, something happened, well a lot happened, and in June I kinda fell off the radar with…everything. I mean, I wasn’t just sitting around. I was writing. And revising. And editing. But I wasn’t keeping track; or holding myself accountable; and when I was working on writing, it was sporadic. Big bursts here and there. Nothing consistent.

And while I’ve met several goals I planned for this year (I got out of debt! I went to Scotland for 10 days! I am socking away money for a new/used car! WAHOOOOOO!!) I’m behind where I thought I would be coming into this final quarter. This could be because I have way too high and unrealistic goals for myself (which is partly true. I plan big then beat the crap outta myself when I fall short. *sighs*) It also could be that, in getting the non-writerly parts of my life in order, I had to take a tiny break from the writerly part. (Temporarily, of course.)

But now that things are a bit more balanced in terms of my personal and professional in my life, I can jump back in to writing consistently, and work on those goals. So let’s get down to the business of setting my goals for the remainder of 2017.

I’ve tracked about 18 goals (a mix of personal and professional) I want to finish before 2018. (You can hop on the 18 Before 2018 challenge, HERE). Of those, a few are writing related, obvisouly, and I’ve listed the big ones here, as my ROW80 goals. I’ve broken each one down and we’ll see over the next quarter how things go with me crossing them off.

  1. Complete October, November and December BIAW goals
  2. Untitled Novella 1
    1. Finish revisions (only a few chapters left. EEEEEEK!!!)
    2. Pick a title (this is obviously an important one, LOL)
    3. Send to editor
    4. Send to Betas (if ya wanna read a quick 40k novella, leave me a comment or message me on FB or Twitter!) (Can do this simultaneously? Maybe? Haven’t decided yet on which will happen first.)
    5. Complete Revisions received from editor & betas (if I get them back before 12/31)
    6. Choose Cover
    7. Publish (Dependent on C)
  3. Complete Sweet Confessions (working title)
    1. Finish revisions of draft
    2. Send to editor
    3. Send to Betas (see note above)
    4. Choose Cover
    5. Complete edits (if returned before 12/31)
  4. Complete paperback process for Full Disclosure (FD)
  5. Review goals monthly (Oct, Nov and Dec) to assess progress and modify goals as necessary
  6. Schedule (and complete!) a minimum of 1 hour of admin time, weekly

I’m not sure if I’ll be posting check ins every week, or not. I’m going to try but we’ll see how that goes. If I do post it will probably be on Sundays, maybe? I don’t know. I’m going to see how things play out and go from there. I will definitely be updating whenever I complete something off the list though, of that I am sure!

What are your goals for the last ROW80 of 2017? Good luck, and see you around the ROW!

2 thoughts on “Back In It: ROW80, Round 4

  1. Kat!

    *raises coffee mug in salute!*

    So good to see you, and to get a bit of backstory on your year to date. I can so relate to the huge goals list and self-flagellation, which is why I’ve got a new approach beginning this round. We’ll see how it goes.

    I’d love to sign on for your novella (s)? but I need to clear a few things off the deck, first. Don’t hesitate to check back when you’re ready, and I’ll see what I can do.

    Hooray for being out of debt!

    And, until we chat again – enjoy! =D

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