Year-End Review, 2016: Let the Reflection Continue

Year-End Review, 2016: Let the Reflection Continue

Today’s post is day two in the New Year for a New You end of year review series by Lisa Jacobs.

Did I mention these prompts make you think, cause holy heck they so do! It’s in a good way, but it’s more intense than just checking off things on a to-do list, ya know? It’s introspection and serious reflection–figuring out what went right…and wrong…and why.

That can be scary.

But it can also be enlightening. Here are the prompts for day 2 and my semi-edited answers to account for sensitive financial/personal info I can’t share with the world cause ya know, not a good idea. *smiles*

What was time wasted this year?

Okay. Erm, do I have to answer this? *sighs*

I did a lot of procrastinating. I wasted so much time thinking to the point of over-thinking. And once I was over-thinking I found ways to talk myself out of going for my goals. I did a bang up job beating myself up about it, and other things in my life I saw as ‘failures’. Once I got that under control (and kicked myself in the ass for being dumb) I shook off the time I had wasted and stopped thinking about it. After all, I can’t get that time back. It’s gone. All I can do is forge ahead and use my time better.

What was money wasted this year?

Oh, boy. So, see, I have this problem. I like to read a lot. This means I buy books…a lot. I have so many books there is no way I can possibly read them all. Or, rather, I can read them all if I stop buying more books!

Also, my gym membership I think has been a waste of money. I’ve been doing the Yoga with Adrienne series on Youtube since my hours at work changed and it’s funny because I have been way more consistent with that, than going to the gym. So, I might cancel the gym, keep up the yoga and other workouts at home, to save some bucks.

Also, food. Weird, right? But I have to remember there is just me and my mom. So I when I make recipes I can cut them in half since we don’t need the leftovers, or the extra helpings! Also, no more freaking take out. I can cook. I have an Instant Pot now, too. So I need to stop going for convenience and get in the kitchen more! This should help my food budget and my waistline. 😀

What was the biggest challenge you faced this year?


Sounds weird, to say that, but honestly, I fought against the nagging self-doubts and Negative Nancy that lives inside my head and makes me fear accomplishing my goals and moving forward. I’m embarrassed to say that, because it just sounds weird. But it’s honest, and that’s what I promised to be during this series, and in my planning for 2017.

For 2017 I need to lock up the negative, self doubting thoughts in my head in a large, steel re-inforced box with some Harry Potter type magic on the locks. Yes, I said locks. So they can never get out and hold me back from my dreams and goals.

If anything, what would you change about how you handled that challenge?

A lot of things. So many things! I would push the thoughts out of mind. I would push forward like they weren’t there. I would stop thinking about things and stopping myself, and just do it! 

That’s part of the plan for 2017. Whenever those thoughts sneak in I have to reinforce them with positive, productive thoughts. And maybe a kick boxing class to remember I’m strong enough to defeat my inner critic. 😀

Are you ending the year with any unfinished business?

Sadly, yes.

While I accomplished some things there are still things I need to finish up. I did a 16 Before the End of 2016 challenge and in looking at my list there is a lot not 100% done, but I’ve made progress. I don’t think I can get the undone parts completed in two days but dang it, I’ll try to cross as much off my list as I can. 😀

Are there any outstanding goals you’d like to let go of?

Hmmm. Looking at that same list I can’t see anything I need to let go off completely. In fact, much of it, as I said, is in the works. There are a few things I wished I’d gotten done and didn’t (NaNo, for example) which I have let go of, so…that, I guess. The rest I moved to my annual strategy when I went through the Your Best Year 2017 workbook. (Which is awesome by the way. If you’re looking for goal planning and an online entrepreneurial guide–whether you sell goods on etsy, Amazon, are an author, whatever, this is it!)

What was your worst setback in 2016?

My weight. No matter what I did at the gym I never seemed to make headway. I went to doctors, I took medication, I did a lot of things. But heck if I could get it to move much.

After a lot of thinking and talking with my doc, I decided on good old fashioned calorie counting to see if we can get to the bottom of things. Also, the no take-out and making less of stuff should help, too. I hope.

Which bad habits or unhealthy patterns did you engage in that you’d like to give up once and for all?

I mentioned this above so I won’t get into it again. But in addition to my nasty inner critic, I have a tendency to be super hard on myself. For example, if I write 500 words I don’t say to myself, “hey good job!”. Instead I beat myself up and ask “why didn’t I get more done? You’re lazy” etc. So yeah, when I don’t do what I think of as enough it’s feeding time for the inner critic.

A very unfortunate cycle, I’m afraid, that leaves me drained.

So in 2017 I’m going to be kinder to myself. I can’t get everything done, 100% of the time. After 38 years it’s time to give myself a bit of a break.

What or whom held you back this year? Did anything make you shrink into yourself or feel defensive about your dreams?

Myself (see above).

Also there are some in my life that make me re-think the choices I make (the ones that make me happy) and I know I need to scrape them off like mold. That’s my goal in 2017: to have support that actually supports me.

How did you hold yourself back this year? Which beliefs | ideas | excuses stopped you from pushing forward?

See above. 🙂

Okay, day 2 down. Five more to go. If you want to follow my year-end review and soul searching, you can subscribe to my blog o, or follow me on twitter. I also have a FB page to continue the conversation if you’d like.

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