Year-End Review, 2016: Looking Back to Move Forward

Year-End Review, 2016: Looking Back to Move Forward

I haven’t posted in an age! Holy moly.

Oh, well. Nothing like the present to turn that around. In fact, I have a whole plan to turn a lot of things around in 2017.

Scratch that. I’ve been doing that this last quarter of 2016. Which brings me to today’s topic for this post. My year-end review for 2016.

In the fall while I was falling in love with bullet journaling (another post for another day) I began to follow Boho Berry–who has so much awesome planner information and other fun info on her blog, by the way. She mentioned in one of her posts or youtube videos (I can’t remember which, sorry!) about Lisa Jacobs and her Your Best Year workbook.

When I heard about it Lisa was getting ready to launch the #YBY2017 workbook so I waited (impatiently because I was so excited!) and when it finally came out, I devoured it. I went through the book and worksheets thoughtfully and quite thoroughly. I came up with goals to finish for 2016, goals to reach for (and achieve cause I’m so gonna kick 2017’s ass!), and a plan of action.

I’m currently in the process of putting all my goals, my book release calendar (yep, I have one. Woohoo!) and my growth strategy information into my Happy Planner bullet journal. I’ll have pictures to show soon with some of the information I can show. (And, fyi, I’ll be having an entire series on my bullet journal adventure soon. It took three different tries to find planner peace but I’m there, finally!)

Back to today’s topic. Now, why would I need an entrepreneurs workbook to set my goals and strategies? Because being an author is a business. As much as I  have tried to ignore this part of the author life and focus on the writing, well, I can’t divorce the two. They go hand in hand.

The last four months has been an intense journey of reading, researching, learning, reflecting, and growing. Now I’m ready to look at my failures (and successes) in 2016 and head to 2017 with a mind, and heart, to make it a raging success.

I hope you’ll join me for this series of blog posts the next few days. Some days I’ll have two posts, cause I’m a day or so behind so bear with me. 🙂 If you’re interested in joining in, you can find Lisa Jacobs and the first day of the New Year for a New You series, here. Let’s review 2016, shall we? And make 2017 a year of success, positivity, and of course, goal smashing!

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