Year-End Review, 2016: Time, We Can’t Get It Back

Year-End Review, 2016: Time, We Can’t Get It Back

I made it to post #5 of the New Year for a New Year series by Lisa Jacobs! I’ve been a bit behind in typing up my posts so I’ve had two days (like today) where I’ve had to post a few times but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s gotten me back in the habit of blogging which is one of my 2017 goals.

Let’s get on with answering Day 5’s prompts, shall we?

  1. What are your main priorities in life (i.e., family, profession, marriage, personal wellbeing, etc.)? (Note: I listed them in the order I seemed to have been going by in 2016. Trust me, there’ll be changes ahead!)
    • Family
    • Day Job
    • Writing and author life
    • Personal well-being
  2. Chart how you invest your time during a typical 24-hour period
    • I completed the chart Lisa references in her Your Best Year 2017 workbook so I won’t be able to recreate the chart here. But let’s just say that my day job and sleeping take up the majority of my time. While both are priorities (one I need for health reasons, the other to pay the bills) they could be tweaked to better use my time and work my writing and author-life in.
    • My work schedule has already been changed in fact and will help me to put my writing & author life higher on my priority list. I started working 4 days a week to give me a day off that I can use to focus on writing. This will help me slow down a bit and not feel like I’m running a running a rat race when I get home from the day job to get all my writing in. Now, after a day at work I can come home, relax and eat dinner, knowing I will have one full day to work.
    • I also have been trying to see how much sleep my body really needs. As I’ve been doing more yoga I find my sleep is getting better which means less tossing and turning and more restful sleep. My fitbit has been helping me track this as has a mood tracker which I use to see how I’ve been feeling in the morning. It also means, on days I’m doing my yoga I tend to need less sleep (because less restless sleep, I think, though I’m not expert in the field) and therefore have more hours to accomplish the items I need to for the d
  3. Does your time chart (where you’re spending your hours) reflect the priorities you listed in question 1, and in the correct order?
    • No. I was spending more time sleeping than I needed before my yoga and exercise routine was in place. And my work hours weren’t conducive to writing which meant my writing life took a back seat. This will not be the case in 2017!
  4. How might you rearrange your schedule for better results?
    • Most of the re-arranging has been done and I’ve already been feeling more energized. Using visual aids like project maps and my bullet journal/planner have brought me some sense of peace as well, when it comes to finding the time I need.
    • My writing/author life will move up in importance. While the day job is important and I love it, I have to do that and work toward my writer/author goals. I can do both, if I put my mind to it and with my new schedule I can so do this. 🙂
    • I’m also going to move personal well-being up the list of important priorities in my life.  I define that as my health goals, exercise, and me-time. This I think should come second, if not first, in order of importance because if I don’t have, or am unhappy in that aspect of my life, I won’t have anything!

That was quick and easy. I can see other areas where I can save (and use better) a half hour here and there and as I tweak my schedule I hope the time management area of my life improves.

The day 6 prompts (which are today’s) are all about making project maps. I did these previously and since I am the type who needs to draw things out, I can’t really show them here. If time allows I’ll take some pics but suffice it to say I have my project maps on the wall near my desk so I can see every day what I’m aiming for in the different areas of my life. (I talked about those on this post of the series if you want to see what I’m aiming for!)

Tomorrow it’ll be time to wrap this journey up and hit the ground running. Have you taken some time to outline your new year and the goals you want to accomplish? Whether they’re personal or professional, writing them down or typing out a plan can be a huge help to getting to that goal. If you have thought about your goals, what are you using to stay on track and be accountable?

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Year-End Review, 2016: Time, We Can’t Get It Back

  1. I have my yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals all set up in Evernote as well as my pages in my bullet journal. I find doing both helps me. I wrote up my progress for 2016 yesterday (as well as December and the last week). I’ll be posting my 2017, 1st quarter, January, and this week’s goals today.

    Are you going to be joining in with RoW80 again? The new round starts today.
    Fallon recently posted…Sunday Summary: Ending & BeginningMy Profile

    1. Oh, it does? I should! I was wondering how I could review my goals quarterly on my blog and this would be perfect pre-quarter ending check-in! It’ll get me using my FB page more, too! Thanks for the heads up. I need to check out your blog post today and see what you’ll be working on in 2017!

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