Cutting the Cord

Cutting the Cord

I did it.

After years of of saying I’d do it, and a bunch of research, I cut the cord. I got rid of cable.

I moved in October and when I did, I noticed my cable bill kept creeping up, a couple dollars every month. I had Spectrum. I hate Spectrum. But anyway, I was annoyed. I called a couple times and their retention specialist were not helpful, at all.

In early March I did speak with someone who gave me a “better” deal, that would be cheaper. Faster internet, a land line (we need that for reasons…), and my bill will go DOWN, by almost twenty dollars.

Nope, it went up.

Livid, I called and got rid of it. I kept the internet and landline (I need it since my cell service where I live is unreliable). Using my Roku(s) I’ve been trying different streaming services. I already had Hulu, Netflix, and Prime. But I’m trying Sling and DirectTV, for a month, for free. So far Sling is the winner. I might try YouTube and Fubo, next month, before I make a final decision.

But I love not having the cable boxes anymore. I love not feeling the need to turn the TV on as background noise. I’m reading more and watching more of the streaming services I already had (Hulu, Netflix, and Prime) and catching up on some great shows I’ve missed.

And…the best part? My consumption of cable news has decreased dramatically. And I mean that. I watch and listen to about 85% less of news and after only a couple weeks my anxiety levels have decreased dramatically. I’m not living in a bubble. I have news sources I still look to, in order to stay on top of what is going on. But not having that vitriol and hate on my TV just to have on “noise” is amazing. (And yes, I track stuff like that! Excel, for the win!)

The other big change is my productivity levels have increased. Both at work and at home, with my writing, there has been a 50% increase in time I’ve spent on my projects at home, and I’m even more focused at the office because I don’t have that daily garbage from TV crowding my head space. I’m doing more fun things too, like writing and reading more, since I don’t have 150 channels to flip through and distract me.

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Have you cut the cable cord? What service do you use, if any, to stream? One, or do you have several? Which ones do you like (or not like)?Let me know what you think about cable versus streaming, in the comments!

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