Welcome To My New Home

Welcome To My New Home

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You might have noticed that something looks a little bit different, here at the blog. I ‘moved’ and finally secured a domain name that defines, well, me!

I can’t say the process was easy. It absolutely was not. It took a lot of phone calls to the company that hosts my site, price haggling (hey, I want a good deal!), re-designing, learning new things, re-directing the old blog, and finally changing all my social media info.

I probably forgot one or two, but so far I’ve not run into any issues. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Anyway, why’d I leave the old domain? As I said, I wanted my domain to be my author name. Makes sense. It something I should have done to begin with but as a baby blogger and aspiring writer I wasn’t thinking about the long game. I wasn’t even sure if I could do it–the writing or the blogging. But five years and one book later, I’m still around. 🙂

You’ll find this site will be more writing orientated. During my writing hiatus I did a lot of flash fiction and short stories. Of course I’ve also been putting a polish on some of my manuscripts. So the time away was good but with a focus here, on the site, to writing and my author ‘stuff’, I needed to change things up, and move away from the book review style site (and domain) that I had before. I’ll have the old domain for the next year but after that I’ll let it go for someone else to claim.

Have you ever migrated from one site to another? Was it a nightmare or easy? What do you think of the new design? I like the modernism of this theme–clean lines and the white background–and not too busy. I’m not a fan of clutter, as you can tell. *smiles*

I’ve already written 1867 words today, and I’m about to head back in to see how many more I can get done today. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back here often. Soon I’ll be sharing writing tips, tricks, and of course, lots and lots of stories–of the free and not-free variety to fill up the blog. See ya around!

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