When You’re Stuck Between Winter and Spring

When You’re Stuck Between Winter and Spring

If you’re from the northeast, or really anywhere that experiences wild seasonal weather four times a year, you’ll be aware of that time between winter and spring that almost seem caught in time. It feels like it’s stuck, or at least barely moving. An example–here in Central New York yesterday it was in the sixties and we had our windows open last night. Today? It’s snowing.

And sure, the big piles of snow are finally melting but now it’s just easier to see the trash and detritus that had been plowed over, during the wild winter we had.

But like happens every year, the seasons will change and the weather will provide us with a constant uncertainty of whether it’s winter, spring, or one of the other twelve seasons in between. And along with this uncertain change in weather, the first quarter of 2019 ends with a bunch of mixed results and uncertain progress.

One the plus side, I’ve found a rhythm that works for me. And while I don’t always hit everything I want to accomplish I’m learning to look at what I am accomplishing in a different light. Also on the plus side? I have two books done. One is with the editor. One is in revisions. So…yay?! 🙂

On the minus side, I didn’t get done everything I’d planned on when I was writing my January 2019 goal post. I had so many plans. So many dreams and aspirations!

Sadly, they didn’t all get a nice check near them on the to-do list. 🙁

But between the plus and minus I’ve learned quite a few things this quarter. As I blogged about earlier in the year one of the many things I’ve learned on my planning and productivity journey is that setting out detailed long-term plans just doesn’t work for me. In fact, it almost works against me whenever I’ve tried to do that. So in the last quarter of 2018 I started experimenting with different productivity techniques and this is when I started to use the kan-ban board for my writing and other author related goals. I decided to try a 90-day time-table, thinking that wasn’t too long term. And if I didn’t have a day job and a million other things I have to do, it might have worked.

But what I found it that even 90 days can be a bit over-whelming and leave me super frustrated when I don’t finish everything I promise myself I will. As if I have control over, ya know, life and outside forces. :/

Yeah, I have a way of beating myself up, a lot, if I don’t finish “all the things”. It’s ridiculous and something I keep trying to un-learn, but I don’t know if I ever will, to be honest. All I can do is recognize it’s an issue and find what can work for me. In this case it’s a shorter time frame, with smaller, more manageable, and realistic, goals.

So, while I did okay for the first quarter of 2019 (in my opinion–most would tell me I’m crazy, but…see, above!), I left a lot of work undone. I’ll be transferring some of that over to the new board to accomplish between April 1 and April 30. We’ll see how a thirty day time-frame works me.  Who knows? Maybe 60 days is the sweet spot for me, but I won’t know till I try this, first.

April’s board is set up and ready for the sticky notes to be applied, and as always, I’ll be posting an update at the end of the month. I’ll have an update soon about pre-order and release date information, so keep an eye out for updates and if you aren’t signed up for my newsletter, be sure to do that so you’re one of the first to know. And if you’ve not read book one in the Ashten Falls series, snap up SLOW RIDE at your favorite retailer. (It’s FREE if you have Kindle Unlimted and is available at most of the other retailers, as well!)

Good luck to you and your goals–whatever they may be! Happy reading!

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