Full Disclosure-An Excerpt

Full Disclosure-An Excerpt

Today I have an excerpt from my upcoming release, Full Disclosure. This will be the second book in the Ashten Falls series. It follows the Emma Michaels, a journalist, and Sam Copeland, a local businessman. Emma is out for a walk on the beach, and runs into Sam having a private discussion with the Chief of Police, Jackson.

Emma took a deep breath. Sam was offering to be an informant in order for the police department to bring down a bad guy? Mix this with the unsolved murders Emma had learned of in her research, the corruption recently uncovered, and the FBI being involved–it was a journalist’s wet dream.

Emma grinned and pressed her back against one of the pylons. Emma’s mind thrummed with ideas and areas to investigate when the hairs on the back of her neck raised up in warning.

A tap on her shoulder made her whirl around, her breath catching in her throat.

“You enjoy eavesdropping on conversations you’re not invited to?” he whispered as his fingers slid over and around her upper arm.

“Hey!” she cried, indignant as he walked her over to Jackson.

“Look who I found. Seems Dave and Jill can’t keep this one down and out. Figured you would have high-tailed it out of here by now.”

Sam dropped her arm and narrowed his eyes.

Emma lifted her chin and mirrored his stance. “I wasn’t spying on you,” she snapped. “I was walking on the beach. A public place, I might add. Then you decide to…to…manhandle me,” she stuttered. “What is it with the people in this god-forsaken place? Are you all animals?”

“You have no idea,” he murmured.

Emma’s cheeks flared and she stepped out of his grasp. This guy was a jerk yet it didn’t stop her temperature from rising when his ice blue eyes slid over her, heating her up from the outside, in.

At his intense perusal, she returned the favor. His hair cut short on the top, and shaved on the sides. The man was taller than Jackson, at about six-three. He wore a pair of faded jeans, a heavy coat was zipped up, but it didn’t completely hide the thick cable knit sweater he wore underneath.

She growled low. She didn’t want to like this guy. Not in that way. She wasn’t against being attracted to someone, of course. But she pictured herself falling for a nice accountant or something. Someone who was stable, reliable and not pushy. Someone who was clean-shaven; and didn’t have a tattoo snaking out of the collar of his shirt. Someone who didn’t make her melt into a liquid puddle.

Someone who didn’t have trouble written all over him, from head to toe.

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