Full Disclosure is Almost Here!

Full Disclosure is Almost Here!

Hey, everyone! In less than 24 hours you will be able to get your hot, little hands on the second book in the Ashten Falls series. That means Sam and his feisty, stubborn, independent, tenacious heroine, Emma, will be on your reading device and out into the world!

It has been a long time coming. Such a long time…I could write about book about writing this book, because yeah. But, it’s done and almost to you!

I have to say, I love the final product. And I really love this heroine. She has a lot of internal conflict going on and is looking for a place to belong. And Sam, well Sam is along for the ride, determined to protect her. And I mentioned she is super-independent, right? So you know how that will go. *grins*

If you haven’t seen the million posts from me with the new cover, well, here it is again:

Right now it’s up for pre-order on iBooks and Kobo so feel free to one-click it as much as you want, and tell your friends, of course.

Amazon had a glitch (because of COURSE that happens to me!) so it’ll be live just not till Monday. (I spent Thursday and Friday freaking out with them. Their issue, not mine, but I gotta say their customer support was AWESOME and talked me down from a near full-on panic.)

Yeah, releasing a book is stressful!


I wanted to throw this FINAL reminder about my newsletter(s) out there before I take a break from social media for the next 24 hours. (Ha! Well, that’s the plan. I don’t know if that is actually gonna work…)

Yes, there are TWO newsletters, now. One for New Release Alerts. And a second if you want to get ARCs, freebies or whatever else I decide to give away. So, if you want to join in either one, or both, there’s a form to fill out.

I know, I know. Who wants to do that, right? But I promise–it’s painless. Just a few responses and clicks and you’ll be good to go! I hope to have at least two more books this year and at least one (if not two) novellas. So trust me, you’ll want to get in on this. And no, they’re not all Ashten Falls related. The novellas are totally out of the Ashten Falls world and I’ve been writing like crazy because they have been so much fun.

And who knows–if I find some more time in my schedule maybe I can get some more stories to you. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that, shall we? 🙂

Anyway, clicking here–> will take you to a fancy-schmancy (for me, anyway) form. Be sure to fill it out so Monday morning you’ll get a super quick email with retailer links in it. And of course, feel free to tell your friends who are into reading romance, too–so they can get in on the action and score free books! (You can use the share buttons below to send this info out to them.)

Last, if you read SLOW RIDE and forgot to post a review on Amazon, feel free to do so. Reviews are always appreciated!

All right. I’m off to go sit on the tiny balcony of my apartment and enjoy the rest of the evening. But what should I do tomorrow, to avoid fretting? (I’m off from work, so I won’t have that to distract me!) Sleep in? Read all day? Write? Clean my closet? Sweep the garage? Binge watch a TV show? Give me some suggestions in the comments!

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