A Recent By the Numbers Look at American Voters & My Thoughts

A Recent By the Numbers Look at American Voters & My Thoughts

I enjoy politics (sometimes, but not lately) but what I like more are polls. Polls, numbers, stats they’re my jam. I don’t know why, cause I hate math. But anyway the newest Quinnipiac poll has fascinated me with it’s most recent findings. Talk about seeing by the numbers (which are real, not fake news as some might suggest) how divided this country is. Yikes.

So, let’s look at the latest polls from Quinnipiac University. They’ve a pretty decent polling history, though it’s not perfect. I’ve cited them throughout, as one should, and if you want a deeper dive, I encourage to read through it yourself. Polls are tricky and the ones lately, including this one, are hard to use (in my opinion) as a gauge of where we are right now in American politics. We all know what happened in 2016 and who knows, some might tell Pollsters one thing and believe another, or be influenced by Russian promoted trolls and bots and other nefarious players seeking to stir up American divisiveness. It’s happened. (See, 2016 election.)

You can also find additional information on the poll HERE, from a CNN article that led me to look at the numbers more closely.

First, I don’t know what is more disturbing–that half the country thinks our President is racist (and he is or acts like it which are both bad things, so they’re correct on that point) or that 47% believe he isn’t. Also, and more interesting to me from a numbers perspective is that the poll shows 50% of Independents believe he’s racist; 44% don’t. The Independents and those not picking I, R, or D, are gonna be important in the mid-terms. Which side can whip up their base more? Only time will tell.

58% of those polled say the President is not honest. 62% say he’s not level headed. Yet, 57% say he’s intelligent, with 63% saying he’s a strong person. (Quinnipiac Poll, July 3, 2018). Again, all those numbers reflect a good chunk of Independents in those numbers, given how the party line responses are pretty evenly split (which in this political climate is expected). And a lot of those responses are hard to square, so again, interesting to me, from a poll response perspective.

Oh, and per the Quinnipiac Poll: 60% of voters said separating children from their parents was a violation of human rights. 83% of all voters says the Trump Administration has a responsibility to unite these children with their parents. (Quinnipiac Poll, July 3, 2018). Again, the Independents and a good chunk of Rs are in on that, with 70% of Republicans saying the children should be reunited. That’s huge! Will that policy have an effect on the mid-terms? Again, I don’t know. Too soon to tell, says my magic 8 ball.

Even more surprising (to me) given the amount of ‘fake news’ out there about crime rates by illegal immigrants, is that “69% of American voters said undocumented immigrants are not more likely than American citizens to commit crimes.” (Quinnipiac Poll, July 3, 2018). Statistics and actual facts, for the win! On that last one, anyway. (Cause the numbers on crime rates actually prove this. Don’t get in my comments about playing sides, here.)

63% of women disapprove strongly of the President and 67% of women believe he doesn’t share their values. (Quinnipiac Poll, July 3, 2018). How will this translate at the polls in November? No one knows, but that’s could be a big problem for Republicans, in the fall. We have to wait and see what happens since we’ve got awhile to go.

Last, 91% of American votes said a lack of civility in politics is a serious problem. (Quinnipiac Poll, July 3, 2018).

Hmmm, ya think? Too bad there isn’t a way to fix that by say having the man at the top be civil and empathetic to everyone, even those who don’t like him/agree with him, and who doesn’t call people names like a schoolyard bully.

You might think I’m being biased here, but no, I’m not. I believe that leaders, especially the one at the top, should be held to a much higher standard than everyone else. They have to set the stage for behavior–that includes turning the other cheek at times. It’s what adults do. Jesus even proclaimed it, and he was not wrong on that front.

But also, can someone tell me who those other 7% are? I mean, they seriously don’t think it’s a problem? Where do they live, under a rock?!

This is just a snapshot of the numbers in the poll so again, go read it yourself. To me, it shows a pretty telling snapshot of the last 7-10 years of divisive politics in this country. And we all know that the only people who benefit from that are the political parties themselves because they get to stay in power the more angry they can get their base and can stay in power longer, benefiting themselves, not us, the people. And of course the Russians. They benefit from the current climate, too.

And whatever your feelings are on policies or parties what all this says to me is that we should be in for another horrifying and terrifying election season with yelling, insults, trolls, bots, divisiness, and incivility leading the charge.

To quote Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park (the original), “hold on to your butts”, America, and Happy Fourth of July.

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