2019 Reading Challenge: #Romanceopoly

2019 Reading Challenge: #Romanceopoly

One of the things I’ve missed about blogging and reading more is having fun challenges to do throughout the year. I used to do them all the time on Goodreads and had shelves of different challenges or I’d be doing challenges in the groups I was in. I wouldn’t always finish, but they kept me motivated to keep reading and get through the mountains of to-be-read books.

Last July, when I went to my first RWA Conference I came home with even MORE books and had decided to read through those, too! I’d read ’em and then the ones I liked I wouldn’t review but I’d give recs on the blog.

Well, that didn’t happen. As I’ve said, life through some curve balls. And even before that, I’d not been doing challenges for over a year, almost two! And honestly, I think my limited reading time contributed to my lack of writing motivation, too.

In November and December I started reading more, and well now here we are, and I’m signing up for a 2019 Reading challenge. Hosted by Under the Covers Book Blog and Peace, Love, Books, you can find more info on the challenge HERE.

They have printables for a board, which I did print out (see below), and I used a sheet from my super-sticky easel pad to tape it up. Sadly, my color printer is not working well (apparently I need more ink), so the colors aren’t what they should be. But until I can re-print it, it’ll do! (Check out their page for a way better view of their board. It really is beautiful!) I added some of the washi tape I have to it and plan to add some stickers, too, as I go around the board. (I need to use all that planner stuff I have in some way, shape, or form so it doesn’t go to waste.) They also have idea cards you can print which I’ll be posting up around my board, so I can write down ideas for each of the categories. (And there’s an airtable database, too, to keep track if that’s your thing!)

I’m super excited to roll the dice and start to work my way through this mountain range books I have, in print and on my e-readers. It’ll also be a nice supplement to my local RWA chapter’s Book Bingo Challenge.

Are you doing any reading challenges this year? How do you choose which book in your TBR is next to read? Let me know in the comments!

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