Reading and Writing Round-Up: January 2019

Reading and Writing Round-Up: January 2019

January 2019 was approximately 9074 days long and I am so glad it’s finally over.

But depsite all the chaos I’ve been making significant progress on my writing projects, and in my reading, including my progress in the Romanceopoly Reading Challenge. I’ve even watched some Netflix, which doesn’t happen often. It was nice to have some fun, creative downtime, in addition to the “work” creativity I was doing.


I wrote a lot this month. While I’ve mainly been in revision mode, I still wrote just under 15,000 words. That is amazing! The second book in my Ashten Falls series is so close to being done! I am sending it to my *new* editor in the next couple weeks for final edits so…yay!! (I already have the cover and this will be a re-release with major re-workings to the plot. I’m super excited and will have more info on this, later this week!)

I also went to the January Central New York Romance Writers (CNYRW) program, where we learned about so many things, from craft to marketing and promo, from the amazing Marie Force. Our chapter of RWA covers a pretty large geographic area in upstate/central NY and it’s always nice to see everyone and talk all things writing once a month!


I read a lot this month, compared to what I read in 2018. Diving back into reading challenges and searching through my TBR lists (and buying new books), has been so much fun.

Speaking of challenges, if you saw my post from last week, you’ll know I’m doing the Romanceopoly Challenge. This has been so much fun!! I love rolling the dice and seeing where I land. I’ve been posting on instagram about the challenge and what I’ve been reading, so follow me there, to get updates and see the other fun posts participants are doing during the challenge.

Here’s what I read for January (some links are to Amz and may be affiliate links):

Other January Goodness:

I’ve been watching some streaming shows. Not too many (I can’t seem to sit still but I am getting better about this!), but here they are:

  • Jack Ryan (Amazon): Uh, is that really Jim? This show kept me on hte edge of my seat.
  • The Punisher (Netflix): Speaking of the edge of my seat, holy crap! First, he’s hot. Second, I have to turn away every once in awhile because the violence can be a bit much for me. But I still love it because have you seen Frank Castle?!

And I bought more books, too. But they were on saleeeeee, she wailed. Anyway, here’s what I bought:

That’s a lot of freaking books. On a positive note, many of these were purchased before I decided to do more reading challenge in 2019. And also I had holiday gift cards. And also, also…most of these were bought on sale!

I did end up adding more books to my TBRs on Goodreads than what I listed here, but not because I bought them. Those were books I bought in 2018 but hadn’t added to Goodreads. I’m trying to keep track of all my boughts so I had some organizing to do! You can check out my Goodreads shelves if you’d like to see the kind of challenge I’m up against!

Anyway, how was your January? Get any reading, watching, streaming, or anything else fun during the month? Let me know in the comments!

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