1st Quarter Goals and ROW80 Round 1 Review

1st Quarter Goals and ROW80 Round 1 Review

ROW80 Round 1 is complete. The end of the first quarter is only 4 days away. This means its time to review what goals I’d set out to accomplish, the progress I made, as well as the successes and challenges. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

[Note: green = completed; red = not even a little bit done; blue = in progress; orange = some work on it but heading in a not so productive direction; purple = on hold, waiting on others goals to get done, first]

For last week my goals were:

  • Choose cover designer and move forward with design
  • Preview ebook and work out any missed formatting bugs: I’ve been flipping through it, slowly but surely. 
  • Finish GMC by Debra Dixon
  • Re-write/revise two chapters of Sweet Escape
  • Set release date based on cover design turnaround (Eeeeeeek!!!): this and the cover reveal date have to wait for the details about how long the cover will take. 
  • Set date for cover reveal
  • Finish marketing plan for book, including an action plan for paperbacks: I have a list and I’ve written much of it down. I just have to get into the specifics of the items on the list, now. 
  • Finish 7 A to Z Challenge posts: Draft posts are up but I really need to finalize them
  • Outline April newsletter: I’ve got a few days before April, right? 🙂

I didn’t do too badly when it comes to the weekly goals. In fact, my weekly tasks throughout the rou and really propelled me forward with the larger quarterly and annual goals I’m striving for. But what about the larger goals I’d set for myself–the ones I wanted to accomplish in the first 80 days of the year?

  • Enjoy myself in Orlando this month: I already want to go back! 
  • Yoga, or other workout, 3x per week: Let’s not talk about this. 🙁 
  • Merge beta responses for MS
  • Final read through of MS
  • Blog 2x per week: While I don’t always get two, I have been kinda consistent with at least 1.
  • Read through draft of Sweet Escape and get revision plan in place–revision plan is 90% done. I’ve been planning and revising at the same time, so progress. 😀 
  • Research effective newletters
  • Outline novella: I suck. 

I have to say that, while I didn’t finish all of my goals and some plans changed as the Round/Quarter progressed, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished. I don’t often say that, to be honest. For those of you who know me, you know I am a tiny bit hard on myself (if tiny bit means berating myself daily when I don’t finish something). So for me to be happy with how much I’ve done, well that is a huge leap in the right direction, for me.

So, now I have to settle in and think about Round 2/Quarter 2. My hope is to be as successful as this quarter, but most importantly, to be happy with where I end up. By the end of the next quarter my second book will be released;  I’ll have attended a writing retreat (my second one); and of course, continued to write, revise, edit, and most importantly, have fun!

How did you do in the first 80 days of ROW80? Do you set quarterly goals for yourself and/or annual objectives?

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  1. Looks like you did really well for the quarter! !! You know I’m always changing my goals around, so my goals tend to look a mess when I go back to review them. I can’t wait to read the final version of Wanted (or whatever title you settled on) and get my hands on Sweet Escape. 😆
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