A Day Late: ROW80 Update

A Day Late: ROW80 Update

So. I had a half day yesterday and totally intended to post my update. This was my plan because I didn’t get to post Sunday (this is my normal ROW80 update day) because I was compiling my MS into Scrivener. (More on this later…)

Like I said–yesterday I worked a half-day. Time to post, right?

Nope. I still forgot.

Well, no, I can’t say I forgot. I was lost in a sea of cover design blogs, trying to find the perfect one for my book. (I didn’t find it, yet. But I’ll keep looking.)

Bottom line is, I was just really focused on covers, and my post was swept aside until…today. I plan on updating today, and then again Sunday, to get me back in my normal routine.

Here are the goals I was working on, and my progress: [Note: green = completed; red = not even a little bit done; blue = in progress; orange = some work on it but heading in a not so productive direction!]:

  • Finish reading GMC: I need to finish this over the weekend.
  • Re-write/revise 2 chapters in Sweet Escape
  • Finish 6 chapters of beta comments on Wanted: I finished the ENTIRE THING! WOOHOO!!!
  • Look at and outline remaining goals for February
  • Start putting together March goals Action Plan: in progress and I hope to finish by Sunday.
  • Continue playing with background for short story plot bunny: this has been a blast to play around with and has reminded me why I love creating stories. 

Not too bad, right? I’m pretty happy with all this progress. In addition to the above I did some other things, as well:

  • I met with Shan and Eden on Monday evening. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! We talked and talked and talked some more; had some amazing tea with chocolate which was omg so good; and did I mention we talked?! I can’t wait to go back out to Albany in April and *hopefully* get together again. 🙂
  • As I mentioned above, my MS is completed. I had to finish looking through the beta comments and I did it. I then had to figure out the compiling part. I had written this in MS Word, but have Scrivener. I just don’t write in Scrivener because it’s a bit much for me. But I know that Scrivener is good for the prepping for epub part so…I researched all the videos, picked the brains of my CNYRW friends, and searched out blogs. Could I import a Word document with scene breaks into Scrivener without blowing up something? I TOTALLY COULD AND I DID! I was so excited. Anyone else might think it’s no big deal but for me, when it comes to Scrivener, it’s always a crap-shoot.
  • I prepped a really pretty (in my opinion) newsletter via MailChimp and sent out. It has info on the first book in my series and a tidbit about book 2 coming soon. The newsletter will be a monthly affair so if you want to sign up–look to the right side of the blog and subscribe. The more the merrier!
  • I also did lots of twitter and some FB promo for my first book since it’s on sale through this weekend, for only 1.99. One-click it while you still can or if you want to share it via social media, I won’t mind that either. 🙂
  • Last, I wrote an outline of Untitled (Book 4 of the Ashten Falls series, which is Roger and Carla’s story). Thank you Shan and Eden for so many fun ideas and inspirations! 

Whew! It’s been an awesome week. I need to have more weeks like this, in fact. Hopefully I can finish some more revisions on Sweet Escape; narrow down my cover choices to 3 and send to my CP and others to get their thoughts on them; and preview my book in kindle, nook and wherever else I can get it previewed (need to get those format kinks out of it, if there any!) Oh, and I need to research paperback books (another layer of stress, for me, lol). I don’t know if I can get through it all, but I’m going to try.

I hope you’re ROW-ing right along with your goals. See you Sunday!



3 thoughts on “A Day Late: ROW80 Update

  1. It took me a long time to figure out exactly what I wanted to use Scrivener for too (I was never one to write separate scenes before I got the program… or if I did, I didn’t use different files for each one). But the research options that Scrivener allows have made it such a useful tool. Next time you come out, we should talk about the way to tag and label research and music and images into your documents… Love when I’m writing/editing a particular piece and I can have a specific piece of music play as I move through the piece, and I don’t have to actually adjust the playlist.

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