A Week in the Life…

A Week in the Life…

…of the ROW80 challenge. I didn’t update my progress last week, mainly because, for once, I was actually really busy writing and trying to move forwad with my goals.

And having said that, this might be why I’m not around social media, specifically, twitter, too much anymore. There’s actually a few reasons I’m not on there as much (day job, the rampant negativity, trolling trolls, etc), but the main one is…it’s a huge time-suck, for me. 

Some can balance the whole social media/writing thing. Me, not so much. I get sucked into a thread and can barely crawl out of there in one piece. So it works for me, when I step back from the social media platform and work on my writing. 

This is one reason why I enjoy instagram and even FB a little bit more, lately. I have an instagram account, and a FB page, and I find these platforms are a bit more positive, than twitter. Or at least I can control what I see a bit better and so the negative is less likely to leak into my life, causing me to get sad and anxious.

So, follow me there, if ya want–and see lots of pics of Olive the Cat. She’s awesome, by the way. 

But what about my actual ROW80 progress? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here we are, so far:

[Key: In progress; CompleteOn the Horizon (i.e. it should happen within 2 weeks)Abandoned or Moved to Future Quarter]

  1. Complete October, BIAW goal
  2. Untitled Novella 1
    1. Finish revisions (only a few chapters left. EEEEEEK!!!): If all goes according to plan I’ll be finished on Sunday (a week later than I wanted, but life happens…) 
    2. Pick a title (this is obviously an important one, LOL)
    3. Send to novella to editorthis got delayed. My RWA chapter (CNYRW if you are in the central NY area and want to join in!) had a really good workshop on 3-Act Structure by Maggie Shayne (she is AWESOME, by the way), and it was a really good refresher for me. I took some extra time to go through and make sure I hit everything I needed to, so the plan to send this off to my editor got a tad delayed. 
  3. Finish revisions of Sweet Confessions (Ashten Falls, 3) draft–I still have this goal set to be done by 11/15 but…I don’t know if that’s gonna be possible. I’ve made a ton of progress, which is good. And I’m LOVING the way the story is turning out (although, the heroine’s backstory is gut wrenchingly sad, and it’s been hard to write.) 
  4. Complete paperback process for Full Disclosure (FD)–I’ve done nothing on this. I really have got to get my butt in gear!!
  5. Schedule a review of October goals and progress and modify goals as necessary
  6. Schedule (and complete!) a minimum of 1 hour of admin time, weekly

So far so good, and I really like seeing that green. Next week I’ll have a new month of goals, seeing as it’ll be November, so we’ll see how we do. I hope you’re ROW80 challenge is going well. Good luck and see you around the ROW! 

2 thoughts on “A Week in the Life…

  1. Some good progress there! And I can’t wait to read Sweet Confessions whenever it’s done! (And Roger’s & Jackson’s when you get to them😉).
    I’ll miss you around twitter. I actually avoid Facebook as, much as possible. It’s the one that heightens my anxiety the most. And as I follow mostly family, it’s kind of hard to weed out the culprits (do you see why I take books to family gatherings? Need some way to escape).
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