Close to the End…

Close to the End…

Of ROW80, Round 1. I’m always shocked how fast it comes up every time.

I started a bit late, and didn’t post every week but I’ve made progress and I’m happy with that. Could I have done better? Sure. But I did accomplish many things and I’m not going to beat myself up about not nailing everything on the list.

But today isn’t the end, so let’s do a recap of my goals for this week, so far: [Note: green = completed; red = not even a little bit done; blue = in progress; orange = some work on it but heading in a not so productive direction!; purple = on hold, waiting on others goals to get done, first]:

  • Choose cover designer and move forward with design
  • Preview ebook and work out any missed formatting bugs
  • Finish GMC by Debra Dixon
  • Re-write/revise two chapters of Sweet Escape
  • Set release date based on cover design turnaround (Eeeeeeek!!!)
  • Set date for cover reveal
  • Finish marketing plan for book, including an action plan for paperbacks
  • Finish 7 A to Z Challenge posts
  • Outline April newsletter

The cover design was the hardest task so I’m so happy that’s done! I asked lots of questions to someone in my local RWA chapter who self-pubs about all things self-pub related. She has helped me a ton with cover stuff, questions about editors/proof readers, formatting, uploading, etc. I can’t thank her, Fallon, two other writers at the local chapter, and everyone else I’ve been bugging about this stuff, enough for their assistance with this! They have saved me from pulling all of my hair out by the roots. <3

I have another snow day today. Thank you, Winter Storm Stella. So the plan is to knock a bunch of this stuff off my list. My plan is to get A, B, C, and the Theme Reveal post, as well as 6k new words on a WiP, and maybe the newsletter outline. (I will not–I will NOT–give in and go play Zelda on the Nintendo Switch. I won’t do it. I won’t give in…But it’s calling my name! Nope, won’t do it…Help!!!)

Hope your week is going well and you’re all safe from Stella’s wrath. See you around the ROW!

6 thoughts on “Close to the End…

  1. I’m achy from Stella’s leavings, but I finally made a dent in my strenuous exercise goals, so there’s that. They took a hit early in the month when I was sick, and then weather interfered with my Thursday tai chi class.

    It’s surely pretty, though!

    And so much hooray for the cover and the moving-forward. If you’d like cover reveal volunteers, do think of me! =D

    1. I definitely will. And thank you for the cover reveal volunteering! I will definitely be looking for people to spread the word when it’s ready to go. Hopefully that was the last burst of snow from Mother Nature this winter!

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