ROW80: New Year, New Goals, New Process

ROW80: New Year, New Goals, New Process

 Well. It’s a new year and I’m diving back into ROW80!

I’ve learned a lot in the last year about setting goals that are effective and work, for me, and this year I’ll be putting them into action. I actually did a whole series of posts based on Lisa Jacob’s Year End Review and that was really helpful in laying out my plan for 2017, whilst also taking into account curve balls life might toss my way this year. Being able to adapt is just as important, I think, as setting specific, effective goals.

While most of my goal setting and planning is done analog in the Happy Planner/Bullet Journal combo that I use, I’d like to keep a blog going as well so I’m accountable on multiple fronts. This way I won’t be able to escape them and hopefully that beats back the inner procrastinator who likes to wreck havoc on my productivity!

Here are my goals for this first round of ROW80, in 2017:

  • Enjoy myself in Orlando this month (Going to UNiversal to hang out with other Potterheads! Wheeee!!!!)
  • Yoga, or other workout, 3x per week
  • Merge beta responses for MS
  • Final read through of MS
  • Blog 2x per week
  • Read through draft of Sweet Escape and get revision plan in place
  • Research effective newletters
  • Outline novella

It’s a lot, I know. But, some of this is already in motion and I’ve been going strong. Fingers crossed it continues.

Also, the first goal, well, that’ll be a given. I can’t wait for my trip!

I’ll be checking in either here, or in the ROW80 facebook group, about once per week to track my progress. I have both an author personal FB profile (so I can use that to post to the group; can’t do that with a page, I found out!); and a FB author page. Friend me so we can follow each other’s progress during the round and follow my page for info on upcoming releases, sale info and other fun stuff!

Are you doing the ROW80 challenge this round? Click HERE if you want more information about joining in!

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