ROW80 Update: A Plan Interrupted

ROW80 Update: A Plan Interrupted

Remember what I said last week about life being a pain in the neck (to paraphrase, of course) and how it often gets in the way of our nice, ordered plans?

Yeah, that happened. Already!

Remember that Florida trip I mentioned in my previous post? I went and it was awesome!

I got home and had one day to settle in before heading to a two-day training in Albany, where I came down with some horrible combo of strep and bronchitis. Fun times. :/

Getting sick put me into a tiny panic. I say tiny but it was actually not tiny. It was small for me, in comparison to other times my PTSD has reared its ugly head, but still exhausting and worrying. Anyway, I was distracted by all the things my mind wouldn’t shut down about so needless to say, not much writing was done in the last five days.

Yesterday I got the all clear from my ever-patient knight in shining armor. No, not that kind of knight. This one is my doctor who puts up with my brand of anxiety & PTSD when it comes to my panic, worry, concern, and all around freaking out. He confirmed it’s just a virus thing and not a relapse into hell.

Needless to say, I’m feeling –mentally- a million and one times better.

As long as I don’t watch the news anyway. I’ve determined it’s a terrifying world we now live in and I’ve almost lost all hope of this country being what I know it has the promise to be. But that’s another story for another day. *sigh* (And one I won’t get into on my blog since my own self-care requires I not dwell on all this too much. Otherwise I’ll be in a downward spiral of dark and sad, and I don’t want to go there anymore.)

So let’s review my Round 1 goals, shall we? [Note: green = completed; red = not started; blue = in progress; orange = missed the mark, so far]

  • Yoga, or other workout, 3x per week: Being ill has set me back with this. I really want to get back to this, though. I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll feel well enough to get at least a little bit of a workout in.
  • Merge beta responses for MS (completed)
  • Final read through of MS/line edits: making progress 1 chapter at a time. Woohoo
  • Blog 2x per week: I’ve been pretty absent since my trip to Florida but this week and going forward I should be okay with hitting this. I hope!
  • Read through draft of Sweet Escape and get revision plan in place
  • Research effective newsletters
  • Outline novella
  • Choose cover for Wanted: I need to narrow this down & stop looking at new stuff. LOL
  • Get all copyright/ISBN stuff completed
  • Draw up marketing plan: In progress

I’m liking the blue. That much I can say, so far at least. I know I still have some time to turn more of those items green, though.

Specifically, for this week, I’ll be trying to nail the following to stay on track with the above:

  • Read 3 chpaters of GMC
  • Write/revise a min of 500 words, for 5 of the next 6 days, on Sweet Escape
  • Read through another 6 chapters of all beta comments and make changes where needed
  • Review January goals (and quarterly goals); adjust as needed and outline Feb. goals in Happy Planner (this is to be done today, Tuesday)
  • Finish Q1 Action plan (hahaha! I know. I’m a bit late on this. I have a lot of post-it notes I just have to write out on one page of my planner though so this is done, just not…organized. LOL)

I think that’s enough to keep me progressing with my round goals. We’ll see if I can get anything else done this week. Who knows, maybe I’ll be super productive and surprise even myself? I know I have it in me to do that, I just need to dig it out from wherever it’s hiding. 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic week and your goals are falling into place. See you Sunday!

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