Sunday, Funday

Sunday, Funday

Hello, friends!

I’m in a great mood today, if you couldn’t tell. *smiles* I guess I woke up on the right side of the bed, despite the time change. Total shocker, because I was expecting to be all grumpy but here it is 10am and I’ve cleaned the kitchen, ran (and emptied) the dishwasher, and will be doing my second load of laundry after this posts.

Exciting life I lead, eh? * *sighs*

Either way, with all the chores out of the way I can focus on my goals, and specifically, my writing goals.

I did a lot of writing this week and plotting, which I’m super excited about. I’m also over the moon that #teamsprinty is back! It’s a group that sprints in the afternoons, around 1pm EST. I was only able to sprint two days (the day job often means I don’t have my phone with me during the day), I am sprinting during that time. It sucks I can’t update everyone till later though. It’s okay, I’m there in spirit, right? 😀

Anyway, here were my goals for the week and my updates:

[Note: green = completed; red = not even a little bit done; blue = in progress; orange = some work on it but heading in a not so productive direction!]:

  • Finish reading GMC: Still not done. And the thing is I like the book! I have learned a ton. I think the problem is I keep getting derailed going over goals and motivations for the WiPs I have going on, I get distracted. I am finishing the damn thing today, though! 
  • Re-write/revise 2 chapters in Sweet Escape: I did this, during the sprints. Wheeee!
  • Continue playing with background for short story plot bunny: I was working on other stuff so nothing done here but that’s okay. I’m just using it to refill the well, so to speak, when I need to. 
  • Narrow down my cover choices to 3: Funny story about this. I did narrow down my choices but so far those choices are actual designers, and not covers. I was all set to get a pre-made, but…well, I couldn’t find anything that really FIT my book. So I think I’ll be hiring a designer to not only do the cover for this book, but also the third and fourth book (and possibly a 5th in the series), so the branding matches. Thankfully I have two people in mind and the emails will be going out to day, to get quotes and chat a bit before I make a final decision. 
  • Preview ebook to get any format bugs out: I figured out to compile it from Word to Scrivener without losing all my scene and chapter breaks. It was AMAZING! So, I did that. Now I have to do the actual previewing on my kindle and then wait for the cover. Is it already this close to going out into the world?! *bites nails*
  • Research paperback books on CreateSpace: Done. There’s a lot to do if I want paperback copies. I need to finish getting my release plan in order and then I am going to add the action plan steps I need to take to eventually get these for signings. But right now, I’ll focus on the ebooks. (I don’t need more stress added to my very first self-published release! LOL)

These colors are definitely preferable to lots of red and orange! I have another busy, goal focused week ahead of me, and here’s what’s on tap:

  • Choose cover designer and move forward with design
  • Preview ebook and work out any missed formatting bugs
  • Finish GMC by Debra Dixon
  • Re-write/revise two chapters of Sweet Escape
  • Set release date based on cover design turnaround (Eeeeeeek!!!)
  • Set date for cover reveal
  • Finish marketing plan for book, including an action plan for paperbacks
  • Finish 7 A to Z Challenge posts
  • Outline April newsletter

Ack! That’s a lot, even for me. Not sure if I can whip through it all, but I’m gonna try like hell!

By the way, if you’re interested in following my A-Z challenge theme reveal and subsequent posts (I hope you are!), be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for more info. Also, as this second book gets closer to release date I might have some goodies to send out about it, so you’ll want to be the first to know. *grins* Thanks for your support and I hope you all have a fantastic, productive, and happy week!!

7 thoughts on “Sunday, Funday

  1. Good luck for your first self published release – still working on the edit of mine. Exciting times!

    Still have the clock change thing to “look forward” to as they don’t change for another 2 weeks here.

    Good luck with your designer; I did eventually ask someone to do mine and am pleased with the job which was very reasonably priced also. I have bought pre-mades for others I have in the pipeline though, as those ‘fit’ the stories and I don’t have the headache (yet) of branding a series.

    1. Yes, definitely a mix of those emotions are going through me, too. At times I wonder if I should just give up and submit, give the decisions to someone else (if I got offered a contract) but I really want to do this. It’s the best decision for me, based on where I am right now. So…gah! It’s still scary as hell. LOL

  2. Great job this week! ! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for a cover and to read the final version. I may have to do a custom cover for Flames of Renewal. Hard finding pre-made cover with an older character.

    Good luck this week!
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