Where, Oh Where Did My Last ROW80 Post Go?

Where, Oh Where Did My Last ROW80 Post Go?

Have you ever scheduled a post to go up and then realize, a week later, it didn’t go up?

Yeah…that happened.

I had written a post on the evening of the 4th, scheduled it for the 5th, and it never went anywhere. It’s still sitting there as a draft.

Oh well! No use crying over spilled milk; I’m just going to carry on.

The last couple weeks have had me in a bit of stasis when it comes to writing goals. I went to DC for a work trip (visiting with our lovely NY House and Senate delegation–which was totally depressing by the way) and got back at 1am on Wednesday.

Fun times. πŸ™

Thankfully I won’t be traveling again until February 27 (a quick one night trip to Albany) so I plan on writing, a lot, between now and then.

Last time I checked in these were my weekly goals, and here’s how I did [Note: green = completed; red = not even a little bit done; blue = in progress; orange = some work on it but heading in a not so productive direction!]:

  • Read 3 chpaters of GMC
  • Write/revise a min of 500 words, for 5 of the next 6 days, on Sweet Escape
  • Read through another 6 chapters of all beta comments and make changes where needed:Β only one chapter completed πŸ™Β 
  • Review January goals (and quarterly goals); adjust as needed and outline Feb. goals in Happy Planner:Β I really need to do this. It’s February 11th!Β 
  • Finish writing Q1 Action plan

Welp, my progress sucked but not much I can do about it. Other than try to do better this week. Below are the goals I’m tackling (and hopefully smashing through) this week:

  • Finish reading GMC
  • Re-write/revise 2 chapters in Sweet Escape
  • Finish 6 chapters of beta comments on Wanted
  • Look at and outline remaining goals for February
  • Start putting together March goals Action Plan
  • Continue playing with background for short story plot bunny

I want to accomplish more (I have a whole list in front of me, in fact) but I also know better than to overwhelm myself. I’ll only get pissed at myself and give up, so this is all I’m shooting for. If I get more than this done I will definitely report it next Sunday, though! πŸ™‚

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing how you’re doing with your ROW80 goals. See you next Sunday!

12 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where Did My Last ROW80 Post Go?

  1. You made some progress and that’s good. πŸ™‚

    I once scheduled a post that never went up too. It’s weird. I wondered if it had anything to do with the time zone (WordPress’s, that is.) Nevertheless, that just sucks. πŸ™

    1. That’s what I thought but I double checked and everything seemed fine. Hopefully it was a one time glitch…but I will be sure to double check it posts, from now on! πŸ™‚ Have a great week!

  2. Albany! You’ll be almost close enough to TOUCH! Don’t suppose you’d have any time for coffee? Eden and Elizabeth are also close…it could be a ROW80 MeetnGreet!

    I like fantasy. =)

    On another note, I went to link a post today, only to find out that I hadn’t actually, you know, like FINISHED it! So you’re not alone!

    I hope you can use the snow as a good reason to write, Kat! =)

    1. I am staying at the Marriott, on Wolf Road? Not sure how far away it is from you ladies but I’d love to meet up. (My conference on Monday the 27th is till 4pm and I get out Tuesday the 28th at 2 so…if we can let’s do it!:) If not, I’ll be back there later in the spring for the last part of the training!)

      1. Wolf Road has lots of meeting places! A funky one is Professor Java’s (we all know where that is, and, if I’m remembering right, it’s very close to the Marriott. There are also two malls within spitting distance, and even our local homeschool co-op, where both Eden and I can sometimes be found with our kids.

        I’m going to message them both with this info, in case they didn’t see it! =D
        Shan Jeniah Burton recently posted…β€œWell, Trip?”: #Loveuary Day FourteenMy Profile

      2. I can’t speak for Shan or Elizabeth, but I can do pretty much what I want after 5pm on Mondays. It would be wonderful to meet with you, Kat, (there are some wonderful places on Wolf, depends on your preference).

        As for the post… I’ve had one not show up before too. It’s rare (I’ve only had it happen once and only heard about it once before… so this is three times in many years). It still stinks.

        At least you’ve managed mostly forward momentum despite the blips. Sometimes just treading water can be considered progress.

        1. I’m up for whereever, as long as there’s some form of caffeine like tea or whatever. πŸ™‚ I would be done with my class by 4pm on Monday so I can quick check in to Marriott and meet by 5ish, for sure!

          1. I’m free to do as I please, pretty much whenever – both kids are old enough to enjoy not having me at home, and Jim’s not the needy type. =)

            On the other hand, one or both kids might decide they’d like to join me, but, in that case, they’ll probably mostly ignore us, so no worries. =D

            I like the idea of Java’s, especially if no one’s reserved the library. But I’m fine with somewhere else, too.

    1. I just wrote a bit of backstory on it–the reason the two broke up, basically. If I get a chance I will send it to you and see what you think of the conflict they’ll be encountering. I love making these characters so miserable! LOL

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