Year-End Review, 2016: Results

Year-End Review, 2016: Results

Results are what I hope to achieve by the end of this new year.

Yesterday I did project maps for the 6th day of Lisa Jacobs’ New Year for a New You series. I used scrapbook paper (12×12) I had lying around and created them with lots of color and then posted them up on the wall.

I’ve got a lot on my plate for the year to come but I feel positive that I can get things done.

Will I hit some speed bumps? Of course I will. That’s just part of life. However, it’s my attitude toward those bumps that, I think, have changed. In the past when something got in my way I would curl into myself, worry, and in the end, push things off or far down the road.

Not anymore. This year I have the plan. I will see the plan every day–on my office wall; in my planner/bullet journal; and on my blog. I’ll be reminded of all the things and my plan to tackle each of them, as I go.

Thanks for joining me for this year-end, and year-to-come, review. If you want to complete the prompts and see what you can achieve in 2017, you can find links to each of the days’ prompts HERE. 

Now, it’s time to get to work!

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