The Shortest Month Always Seems the Longest

The Shortest Month Always Seems the Longest

February is the shortest month, and where we are in Central New York, it also ends up feeling like the coldest. Meterologically speaking, I don’t know if this is the case, but after four months of the cold and white stuff falling from the sky, it freaking feels like the cold has settled in my bones and will never leave.

And even though it is short, I feel like I have to pack in a million things into it. Thankfully I was able to get a lot accomplished, including writing a whole bunch of words and knocking my revisions out of the park, on one of my manuscripts. Where did I get those words done? Everywhere! Before work, after work, at the library, and at the two writing retreats I went to. There, not only did I write my fingers off, I communed with old friends, and met new ones. We talked, laughed, and ate great food. Some of us even had an ghostly experience!

The writing retreats have been phenomenal because they’ve allowed me to make so much progress on the two books I’ve been working on and soon I’ll be able to post an update of when the first of those two books will be out. Yippee!! I’m really excited to bring you these. It’s been a really long struggle, for a lot of reasons, but these books are being polished and will soon be on their way to readers. Hopefully y’all are ready for some romantic suspense!!

My blogging schedule has picked up so that’s been another plus to getting back to normal. I’m really trying to stay away from the time-suck that is social media, but dang it, it’s hard! Especially with all the #romancelandia scandals that seem to pop up every five minutes. It’s exhausting and eats into my writing time and I need to be more disciplined.

Now, let’s talk about my teetering TBR tower! The Romance-o-poly challenge I decided to try for the year continues to get me through with my fiction reading and has been great in checking off books that have long since sat unread on my kindle. My most recent roll of the dice landed me at the fire station, so I have to read a book with a firefighter. I chose Heat Exchange by Shannon Stacey. She is such an amazing writer and I am loving it so far!

I’ve also been reading several non-fiction books that aren’t part of the challenge. The first book is Deep Work by Cal Newport. This has been one of the most eye-opening books on single task vs. multi-tasking I’ve read in awhile. I’ve always heard we can’t multi-task–that our brains just don’t work that way. And this book reiterates that and I am enjoying learning the author’s process of deep work and putting it into practice. I’ve been testing it at work, and in my writing, and I gotta say, he and the other experts who talk about this kind of process are right. At least for me, it is. I get so much more accomplished when I structure my day with time devoted to this “deep work” process. (Also, shout-out to Roni Loren for recommending this book on her blog. I highly recommend the books she writes, too. Her writing is fantastic!)

So what’s coming up next on the blog? I’ll be doing a Romance-o-poly Round-Up for February once we hit the first of March, or thereabouts. Feel free to check out my initial post for the Challenge, or my January Round-Up if you’d like to see what I’ve been reading so far in 2019. I’m also thinking of releasing the first chapter of my next release in March. So be sure to sign up for my NEWSLETTER, because subscribers will be getting that first look!

How was your February? Are you tackling a teetering TBR pile in 2019, like me? Have you read Deep Work or tried out a similar concept to be more productive? Let me know in the comments, and Happy Reading!

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  1. I find that I can’t seem to work on one thing for more than about half an hour at a time. And even then, my mind is starting to skitter around. So, I tend to work better in little bursts. Glad you’re getting some writing done. And i can’t wait to see what you have coming. 😀

    And firefighters? You know I’m all over that. 😉
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